All In the Family

Cookies are an expression of love so it's only natural that many of VLC’s cookies are inspired by family members. In ALL IN THE FAMILY we’ve created a gift variety that includes Grant’s Chocolate Chunk, Mom’s Coconut, Grandma Rosie’s Oat and Cowboy Joe. You’ll receive a total of a dozen cookies, three of each of these incredible flavors. As with all of VLC’s cookies, we use full fat European butter, kosher salt, imported chocolate, and the best dried fruits and nuts we can lay our hands on. Grant’s Chocolate Chunk is a chocolate chip cookie like no other: browned butter, ground oats for chew, chunks of semi sweet chocolate, finished with Murray River sea salt. Mom’s Coconut is a textural delight full of rich butter as well as cream cheese, lots of finely grated coconut, and a seasonal highlight: it could be dried blueberries, or dried cherries, or any other beautiful ingredient that is of the moment. Grandma Rosie’s Oat showcases my grandmother’s culinary palate: coconut, dried apricots and cherries, toasted pecans. And finally Cowboy Joe - an ode to my uncle who loved his cornflakes, chocolate, oats, and pecans. All four of these cookies are unique and addictive. Join the family!

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